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Weekly Angel Messages – June 29 – July 5, 2015

Weekly Angel Messages – The Summer Energies are Here

Illuminated EngagementsSummary of the Month of July 2015

Are you happy with your life?  No matter what we predict here, you always have the choice to be happy with your life or upset and sad with your life.  What we outline here is how the energies from the Earth are going to affect you so you can judge accordingly how you want to greet the day.

June was full of intense energies and while the note may be different, July’s energies may be just as intense.  Although you won’t have to worry about Mercury Retrogrades energies for a while.

Overall July will be a different flavor than June, but still be full of energies that aren’t as gentle as sensitive souls would prefer.  But you can use these energies to springboard off of in accomplishing many actions items on your To Do lists.

Use the energies to motivate you in finishing spring cleaning, getting together with friends and generally having a good time.  Just know to be gentle with folks around you, as they may be sensitive to these energies too.  Patience is the key word here as well as understanding.  It is a perfect month for growth and excitement.  Enjoy!

Weekly Angel Messages – June 29 – July 5, 2015

Happy 4th!
Happy 4th!

This is a week of building up the energies towards the holiday (US) weekend, where many will be celebrating the United States birthday.  The energies are restless and eager to be out and about playtime.  Across the world, energies are dynamic and full of excitement and drama.  While this month is in the sign of Cancer, a domestic sign as opposed to Leo, a drama sign, it almost feels like a Leo month as opposed to a domestic month. When truly it is a combination of both as other cosmic and astrological factors come into play, as well as the personalities of your world leaders and your fellow globe travelers.

Your world continues to shift into new purposes and functions and this week is almost an extension of last week in that regard.  People will have to be and learn to be more responsible for their actions as well as their thoughts.  Off the cuff comments that aren’t meant to harm may be said this week.  Now is the time not to take things personally, but recognize that people’s mindsets are grappling with some of the new realities of the world and they may express themselves inappropriately.

Remember to center and ground yourself so you aren’t doing the inappropriate commenting; have patience with yourself and others.  A walk in nature will help ground; outdoor activities and sports are also favored with an appropriate outlet of pent up emotions.  Lighten yourself up in the best way possible and remember to enjoy and celebrate your family this week.