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Law of Attraction – Escaping the Swamp – Pt 2

In our last blog entry, we looked at Fred, who is always complaining about his lousy job and the effects of law of attraction on his actions, words and deeds.  If you miss our first half our story, click here to read it or re-read it again to refresh your memory. As we said in our earlier blog, Fred is looking at the alligators, not how to drain the swamp.   And the more he complains, the worse works seems to get!  He’s attracting more discourse because that is what he is focused on.

alligator - law of attraction
Are you surrounding yourself with alligators?

How can Fred help himself get out of the swamp full of alligators? If Fred would look around him, even while fending off the alligators, he could start thinking about how to drain the swamp—picturing in his head how he would do it and what the end result would be.  If he did this, he would find that the alligators would get bored of him and start to wander away.  Because now he’s not just thinking about the alligators—or his lousy job—but about the draining of the swamp—or what his next job could be, once he stops thinking how lousy his current position is.

Thinking about what we want is what we need to focus on for manifestation to occur.  Thinking about a better place may cause us to start taking action towards new opportunities and circumstances.

Fred stops complaining about his job and starts to daydream about what he really wants to do.  Slowly he is changing his perception of his circumstances and thus his mood.  He actually finds a few things to like about his current circumstances and things in life seem less painful and easier to him. He even cleans up his resume, makes it current and boldly sends it out into the world with the focused intent of a positive result of a new job he can find satisfaction in.

This process doesn’t happen overnight—first Fred had to come to the conclusion that complaining about his job didn’t seem to be working.  He became self-aware of his behavior and thus was able to get himself past all those alligators and start looking at the swamp in a whole new light.  And once he figured this out, those pesky alligators didn’t look so mean and simply started disappearing.

Remember nothing changes, if nothing changes.  Law of attraction only confirms this statement as it brings to you what you are focused on –good, bad or even indifferent.

So what are you focusing on these days?  Can you re-orient yourself to a different point of view?  Can you begin to speak in positive terms about what your future will hold as you continue to mold it – or will you continue to moan and groan about your life’s current situation?

You are creating your own future…whether you accept it or not.  The law of attraction will prevail regardless, just as the law of gravity exists.  So how are you going to shape your world? Let us know by providing your comments below.

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Blake has had numerous issues in her life that she’s learned to overcome—many times struggling to find the answers.  Then she learned about the law of attraction, focused on a new perspective of life and doors of great opportunity “magically” opened for her.  She’s learned firsthand of how this powerful natural law could help her and now seeks to help others learn how to have a better life too.

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