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What will our Tomorrow Look Like?

What will our tomorrow be?
What will our tomorrow be?

Yesterday, I went to see “Tomorrowland” which stars George Clooney.  This movie is produced by Disney.  I can highly recommend this movie all of my spiritual friends.  In fact, the movie is very spiritual in nature and provided me with renewed optimism and motivation for our future.

This blog isn’t a movie review beyond this blurb…but does touch on the subject of our future – i.e tomorrow.

What are you doing about tomorrow?  Not only on a personal, but professional and planetary level?  Too much of our news and media is wrapped in the gloom and doom of tomorrow.  As a student of film and TV production (yes, this is where my college degree is); we were taught as broadcast journalism students: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Unfortunately this idiom is still in effect.  Why?  Why do people continue to flock to blood and gut type of events, when every Christmas everybody is asking for peace on earth?

Folks, we can’t have it both ways!   Law of attraction says like attracts like.  So the more violence we have, the more greed we have, the more ego and ego-laden events we have, the less peace we will have.

You can’t ask for peace and expect peace if you’re tuned into nightly news, playing violent video games and cheering your latest boxing match.  The frequencies of these events aren’t in alignment.

Many feel if they ask for peace, then life will be boring.  I’ve written about this before.  But peace can be very fulfilling – as the song says: give it chance!

The Law of Attraction is here to stay.  But we won’t be until we decide to truly be a human race of peace and not violence, ego and guts and glory.

Turn off the news, practice meditation and forgiveness, recycle, volunteer.  These are just a start.

It’s true – we create our own reality—start today and receive a better tomorrow.  We can do this – we’ve been doing it.  Just keep expanding and keep aiming for a more peaceful and productive tomorrow.

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