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5 Ways to Live More Couragously

I worked for a man once upon a time who thought he was Tony Robbins; he wasn’t, but he did something Tony does in his seminars: the walk-on-coals routine. Oprah visited Tony during one of his weekend seminars awhile back and much to her surprise she did the walk-on-coals thing. She’s much braver than I and you couldn’t pay enough to do this. Sorry, just ‘ain’t’ going to happen.

Personally I think walking-on-coals is stupid not courageous; now for those of you have done this—I’m not saying you’re stupid. I just think walking-on-coals to prove you are fearless is stupid. Because frankly getting up every day and facing the world with a genuine smile proves to me you’re courageous.

This week we’re discussing the theme of being courageous and beating back fear. I had my own near scare recently when I thought I would need very expensive knee surgery. Turns out I only sprained my knee and didn’t tear any ligaments or tendons. Yay!!! Thanks God and All My Angels!! (Both here on earth and in Heaven!)

In my office at home and in my corporate job cube, I have lots of sayings and affirmation-type axioms posted, so I am reminded daily to live up to my potential with courageous insights. This type of reminder helps me if and when I become fearful. Also reading articles on how Tony Robbins conquers his fears. Tony Robbins has been a mentor of mine for years; although I’ll never attend one of his lectures if he’s expecting me to walk on hot coals!!)
Out of his five ways, I resonate most with #1 and #5. Which ones resonate most with you?

Read the Tony Robbins article here:

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Blake reiterates that she’s not crazy about walking-on-hot-coals to prove you’re fearless. She’s much rather lives her life day by day with a smile on her face and in her heart.

Picture from Tony Robbins website.