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Weekly Angel Messages – July 27 – August 2, 2015 – Two Full Moons

CherubsWeekly Angel Message July 27 – August 2, 2015 – Two Full Moons

We had two full moons in July – this accounted for some of the energies that have impacted you lately.  As frustrating as this month has been, August is providing a smoother ride.  If you haven’t felt any frustrations this month – yay!!!  Some of you will and some won’t.  This is usually the case.  While you may be aligned to the various energies that are overriding your planet right now, it doesn’t mean that all of you will react to these energies in the same way or manner.  Just as you are an unique individual with your own individual needs and wants, so the energies will mingle with the energies you are sending out at any given time.  This is part of the reason you may feel these intense energies more than those around you, even if you are both aligned with the feel of vibrational frequencies. Don’t take it personally.  Just accept and go with the flow – this is always the best option.
As we enter the month of August, the energies will be noticeably lighter.  There is still opportunity for contrast and growth experiences, but they will tend towards the more positive side for the majority of you, rather than the negative side.  Use the lessons you learned in July to your advantage.  Don’t beat yourself up about what you could do or couldn’t do, what you accomplished or didn’t accomplish or what you do for yourselves and others – or didn’t do for yourself and others.  Just accept what is, is and move on.  It doesn’t pay to dwell in the past too long.
Now is the time to begin moving forward.  You become more of an explorer and more opportunities open to you this coming month, as July winds down and moves into August.  Congratulation on making it past the half way mark of the year!
Monday & Tuesday – Extend your reach and you will go far.  Withdraw and you’ll regret the opportunities missed.  Have confidence in your abilities, talents and skill sets.  Remember you are worthy and you deserve God’s love in all things.
Wednesday – Friday – Overcoming obstacles are some of the things you do best and solve problems come naturally to you.  You can see both the small and large picture as a result of your spiritual education over the last years.   You’ll use these skills to drive you ship this week and keep it on course. There aren’t any storms this time out though; you actually enjoy the ride!
Saturday & Sunday – We’re into August and into safe harbors.  Dock that boat and get together with friends.  Celebrate rest and relax!  August is here!  The fun now gets interesting and more fulfilling.
Thank you!   May your week be blessed and full of light!  Remember to ask your angels for help!

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