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How to Stop Worrying

Wayne DyerWayne W. Dyer, Ph.D. is probably best known to the general public as the motivational guru on public broadcast television.  But for those of us who have followed Dr. Dyer’s wisdom for years, we eagerly await each new book, CDs, video or PBS appearance that this prolific author and renowned speaker generate.  Dr. Dyer holds a Doctorate in Educational Counseling from Wayne State University and was an associate professor at St. John’s University in New York.   He has produced over 30 books over 4 decades and is a best-selling author several times over.  He makes his home in Hawaii; and wouldn’t we all like to live there, on the tropical beach, especially those of us who live in the north during brutal winters.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a man I draw many an inspiration from.   His latest offering in book, CD and DVD format is “Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting”.  He currently is promoting this book by traveling across the country, and appearing on your local PBS channel during the annual pledges weeks.

He is a good friend of Oprah’s who I also admired because she has done so much in promoting spiritual and personal growth principals to the masses.

This last week I was worried about lots of things – a project at my corporate job wasn’t going well and I hurt my knee to the point where I was using a walker to get around.  Then I came upon Dr. Dyer’s article in one of the latest Oprah’s Spirit newsletter and it provided me great insights about the state of worry.

I read the article and realized (once again) that he was right on with his message.  As a result, I stopped my incessant worrying and began to again trust the universe, knowing that everything in the end would be OK.   Point #2 really resonated with me.  What about you?  Which point can you relate to?

Click the link below to read Dr. Wayne Dyer’s article:


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Blake remembers to “Let Go, Let God”, when she stop worrying about stuff.   She chooses to stay positive and upbeat, despite life’s little challenges.  She once got to see Wayne Dyer speak in person and recommends it highly.


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