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Whining and Winning

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Do you know whiners in your life?
How does the Universe treat whiners?
How do you turn whiners into winners?

Every once in a while I play the lottery or get a scratch-off at my local supermarket.  Lately I’ve managed to get $1 winning tickets.  I finally cashed in one of these winners the other day.   The young lady behind the counter looked up my ticket to see if I had won anything else –apparently that’s possible—I don’t play often so I didn’t know.

She told me that she gets jealous and envious when someone wins big – of course she delivered this piece of news in an offhanded, friendly conversational manner.  But her rhetoric was a perfect example why she probably will never win big.   I’m not quoting exactly here, but paraphrasing my interpretation of how the conversation went:

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This is the type of wine one enjoys!

“Yeah, I hand out these big winnings to folks, like someone won $500 one day.  And I thought, man, why can’t I win big like that?  These folks always get the winning tickets and I don’t get any.  It isn’t fair.”

Can you see how she might not ever get a winner?  The simple truth is she is a whiner, not a winner.

When we whine about life, life will continue to give us more of what we are whining about.  Remember this is the law of attraction and the law of cause and effect at work.   What you put out into the world will come back to you.   Good, bad or indifferent.

So instead of whining about not winning – this young lady and any others who are whining about something in their life, should bless those who do win.  Yep – bless them and be grateful for their winnings.  Send them love, not jealousy or envy.  Be happy for their good fortune.

Or is it all about you and only you?

When we complain and whine, it’s because we’re not satisfied with our lives.  But this should not preclude how others are doing in their lives.  Obviously they figured out that to bless is the best and to whine is die on the vine.

How are showing up in your life?

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You can learn to Change…

Yes, the Universe knows it’s sometimes hard not to whine and it’s sometimes hard to be envious of others and their good fortune.  But it’s up to you to change your circumstances.

And that first step is to be more aware of what you are sending out in the world.  The second is to bless others first without a hidden agenda and then you too will be blessed accordingly.  The Universe will look after you according to what you are sending out to the world.  Bless others and the world will bless you back tenfold in strange and clever, mysterious ways.

Remember like attracts like and what goes around comes around.  Simple principles of life that need to be remembered.

Again, what are you telling the world?

Are you a winner?  Or are you a whiner?  You can tell us…recognizing your faults is the first step to correcting them.  Let us know how you react to life when it doesn’t go your way…and tell us how you show up when it does go your way. 

Love and Peace,

Blake Cahoon, Spiritual Channel
The Divine Guidance Team
The Angelic Path
Lexington, KY 

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Blake wanted to tell this young lady not to address the situation the way she was, but there are some people who will not listen not matter what.  And that’s OK—they just aren’t ready. But are you?

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