The Power of Prayer

Morgan of Illuminated EngagementsYesterday I took my beloved cat, Morgan to the vet, thinking he was on his last legs.  He didn’t look well at all and I believed I was taking him to be taken out of pain and have him join the angels.  Rarely, do I use my Facebook platform for personal use, but I couldn’t write my usual blog yesterday—so caught up was I with my cat’s illness.

On Facebook, I posted that I would like prayers and support for my cat—most light workers are animal lovers and they could sympathize my plight, as well as my cat’s.

This morning, the vet called—lo and behold—Morgan was improving!!  He wasn’t in renal failure as I suspected or thought (this is why I’m not a vet!)…instead he did have digestive problems and while he’s not out of the woods yet—the prognosis is one of life not death!

I am truly grateful and I truly believe that it was the support of the Facebook fans that provided prayer and support, along with family and friends that turned the tide on this situation.  So again, thank you to all who prayed over my cat’s health.

Scientific studies have shown that the power of prayer works.  The power of thought is now being harnessed and is a powerful force.  Words come from forth from these thoughts and they add to the vibration of thought.  Prayer, I believe, is thought magnified and directed and enhanced by powers unseen.

I was asked recently, why angels?  And I said because angels are a symbol of hope.  We all need hope, especially in today’s world.  This is why I teach people about angels.

Today, you are my angels—for with your kind thoughts and prayers my beloved cat is on the way to recovery.  I am humbly in true appreciation and thankfulness to all.

Keep the hope!  Keep believing!

With Love and Light Always,

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Prayer

    1. Alas, this is blog from the past and my cat did pick up his health for a few minutes and then decided to be the angel he was and head into ‘Heaven’. Prayer however does work–of this I have no doubt. My beloved Morgan is still with me in spirit and he is out of pain and chasing butterflies and mice in the meadow in which he now lives; my father is taking care of all my cats.

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