The Power of Sound Healing

Soul Sound HealingI was so thrilled the other day when Divine Guidance Team said to me that I had a gift that I had to share, an audio gift that allowed me to channel their healing message of love and turn it into a powerful sound healing MP3.  I knew from my own experience that their channeling could heal, as I experience myself listening to one of the CDs that we had created together.  At the end of the CD, I suddenly felt weird wave of energy pass through me and I suddenly felt better.  I was driving in rough traffic at the time, and suddenly I didn’t mind!

Now mind you it is weird for me to listen to these CDs—not because of the message, because they are full of great information—but because essentially I’m listening to my own voice, which I’ve never been fond of!   I originally hail from New York, by way of Central Florida and then finally my eastern accent has been tempered by almost twenty years in the Midwest, but still, it’s weird.  My friends say that my voice actually changed resonance and my accent is different when I channel.  I can tell this is true, since I edited all the video and audio for the products we create and sell.  But still, I don’t about you, but it’s weird for me to kinda listen to my own delivering such powerful information and now these new healing messages.

I sent the sample off to unbiased friends to see if they felt anything from the sample, which you can download and try for yourself.  5 out 6 friends said they felt more relaxed, they felt a shift, they felt better, etc.  Which is how I knew this audio healing message was indeed something special!  Oh, the 6th friend just isn’t into any of this type thing at the moment, but does want to send a CD to her son, who is more into healing audio messages.

So per the Divine Guidance Team, the Healing Message of Love offering is available for you to sample.  It’s only 3 minutes long, but this is the sound healing that the Divine Guidance Team dictated to me to channel and has embedded vibrational codes (more on this in future blogs—I had to look it up too!) into the audio.  Yes, when I was editing it, I too felt better after listening.  Which is again weird for me, but frankly it works!!

Healing Message-FREE-MP3 

So try for yourself—I’ve attached the file just above for you download or listen to.  Right click and Save Link As to download to computer, or left click and you should hear from a Windows or Mac audio program.  

To learn more, here’s the link to our Soul Sound Healing page – where you’ll also find the sample about ½ way down the page.  And if you like what hear, consider buying  the full 10 minute version—which goes deeper, stronger, etc.  It’s currently on sale for $4.95; regularly $8.95.  It’s available under Products page/Soul Sound Healing MP3s.

The Divine Guidance Team wants to offer more titles in the near future.  I’m looking forward to continue working with angels on this project.  I hope you enjoy listening to the sample and gaining some benefits from it.  And thank you!  We all need a little loving healing in our lives!

With Love and Light Always,

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Sound Healing

  1. This recording is phenomenal!!!! About 2 hours before listening to it I was very rattled by something and on edge. I felt like my shoulders were so tense that they were touching my ears… and then I listened to this powerful recording and EVERYTHING changed! I didn’t even realize it at first. Immediately while listening, I felt calm, sank into the back of the chair and began to breathe properly again. My shoulders dropped and I just listened… I don’t even recall what was on the recording, but the effect was outstanding to say the least!

    Gift yourself this present of Love and Peace. I know I felt assured and supported in all aspects. Thank you Blake for listening to your Divine Guidance and creating this for all of us to benefit from. So looking forward to the next one 🙂 Blessings of Great Success!

    1. Hi Maggie,

      Thank you for being such a wonderful recipient of this powerful type of healing. I know it even worked on me!! Again, thank you and I’m so
      happy that this healing method was of so much benefit to you!

      Love and Light Always,

    2. Hi Maggie,

      Thank you for being such a wonderful receipiant of this powerful type of healing. I know it even worked on me!! Again, thank you and I’m so
      happy that this healing method was of so much benefit to you!

      Love and Light Always,

  2. I am very into Sound Healing! Yes it worked on me too, I am so into guided meditations and the relaxing and calming of the human voice. I usually listen them on Utube and have subscribed to a few of them. I really enjoy them. Lisa Beachy is most wonderful! Thank you for sharing another of your gifts with us. 🙂

    Blessings 🙂

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