Time for Holiday Spirit

Christmas timeWhere is the Holiday Spirit?

Perhaps it’s because the weather has been warm in December for most of the United States – or was it the mood of the people in the aftermath of the election season? Or is it the ominous Fiscal Cliff? Or even December 21, 2012 – day of reckoning for those who belief something terrible will happen that fateful day as predicted by the Mayans, among other ancient peoples?

Whatever it is – Christmas and specifically the Christmas or holiday spirit isn’t really appearing this year. Holiday decorations are scarce—even in the stores –and they are weak at best –half-thought up and put together. Have you noticed?

I have others about this and some shrug, while others agree: where is our Christmas spirit?
There are ads on TV and movies galore on Lifetime and Hallmark Channel, please the obligatory “It’s A Wonderful Life” and the rest are sure to follow now that Winter Finale TV shows are wrapping up this week. (Ok, yes I watch way too much TV—sue me; I’m a TV/Film Production graduate!)

These shows and even ads help push the holiday season towards the public eye. And this weekend I did see neighbors put up colorful strings of festive lights in clear, red & green or blue & silver. So the momentum is starting –and yes, it is only the first week of December.

But darkness is falling earlier and earlier –and soon the winter solstice, the day when daylight is the shortest, will be here beckoning the official start of the winter season and then the light will start to shine forth again –which was the purpose of the ancient pagan festivities, and the start of this whole celebrating at this time year thing. It is a symbolic time of year for many because of the diminishing sun, which is a natural phenomenon that has to do with astronomical occurrences. Three days after the winter solstice—the ancients noticed that the day wasn’t quite as dark and so they celebrated this phenomenon which eventually turned into a birthday for a Sun god and which the early Christen Church took on as the day declared as the birth of Jesus the Christ, since they believed him to be the Son (Sun) of God (Light).

Which is why Christmas is so special – it is a reminder to us all that the Light is here for all of us to enjoy and take pleasure in. As light workers, we know the importance of Light, not only from our sun, but within our hearts. This is the Christ Light that we speak of – that Light of unconditional love and non-judgment for all –including ourselves. This is what Jesus of Nazareth was attempting to teach and that the resurrected Jesus the Christ attempts to emulate today. This is the season that we are reminded of the Spirit of Light and Love for all humankind, whoever we are and what ever our belief system is or isn’t.

This is why we celebrate with friends, family and food, laughter, gifts and song. It is more than just the birthday of a pagan sun god or the fictionalized birth of Jesus (biblical scholars agree he really wasn’t born at this day or even time of year). But it is a time to remember what Jesus was trying to teach us –to: do onto us as they would have done to you—be with peace and have goodwill towards all.

It’s time to remember –to awaken this holiday season and get into the mood that reminds to love one another and be kind to each other –at least for one holiday season of the year.

With Light and Love Always,
Blake Cahoon, Emissary & Transmitter to the
Divine Guidance Team

Blake loves this time of year–it is magical and fun!

2 thoughts on “Time for Holiday Spirit

  1. It took over 1 week to find a Nativity scene for a display in front of our house. I am Christian and proud of it!
    Thank you dear Father for sending your only Son to share His life, light and Divine knowledge. Peace to everyone on Earth. Join in on celebration of a sign of God’s greatest love for humankind, pray for those that have chosen not to take part. Enjoy and appreciate each other as He meant it to be.

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