Tripping Down Memory Lane

The Road Not TakenSo dear friends I was going to write to you about sound healing—and how sound does affect our mind, body and soul.  Listen to any great album of music and see that it is so.  But I went on vacation, to my sister’s in Rochester, where loyal long-time readers know I grew up.

Often times our childhood is full of both good and bad memories.  Such was mine.  So in addition to visiting woods where the Iroquois once roamed and visiting old homes; my sister and I have been going through a healing process, where old demons are purged and wounds are closed.  Tears are sheds, hugs are exchanged and life proceeds with some new closure.  Very cathartic and a process I’d recommend to any who need such a process in their life.

Often we get stuck in old patterns of belief and thoughts that harken to such childhood incidents.  We are unable to change patterns that need changing, if we aren’t aware of them.  So tripping down memory lane is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.  It is for me and I’ll be a better, more enlighten person as a result—or at least that is the intent!

I’ll be addressing sound healing next week and how our soul sound healing recordings can help you purge old cobwebs and re-balance your chakras.  I know when I listen weekly, it helps me!  Try a sample recording on our Soul Sound Healing page.  I think if right-click, you can listen; left-click you download the free sample that is about 3 minutes long.

It’s good to go on vacation and it’s great when we let our souls be cleared from old debris.  May your summer vacation be a great one this summer!!

PS: We’re only publishing 1 blog a week during the summer, look for our Friday edition coming to you in September!

With Love and Light Always,

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