Vacation Days are Important

How Important is Vacation to You?

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Vacations are important

There is a new commercial from MasterCard about not taking vacation days.  It points out that most people these days in America aren’t taking all their vacation days –apparently they too busy at work to do so and now their children are suffering as a result.  As one little girl points out, “It’s Paid Vacation Days,” explaining the fact the days are paid. These children want one more day from their parents.  And while the commercial is obviously promoting the use of the MasterCard credit card, the message is real, convincing and really very sad.

Why aren’t more people taking vacations?  According to my stay in corporate world it’s because the work goes on even if they are not there – and when they come back, because they haven’t kept up with the pile of work on their desks daily, there is now a whole boatload to deal with.

People of corporate America probably don’t read this blog – but I’m going to say this anyway – people: this is wrong!  As a member of corporate America for at least 20 years now in one form or fashion – the fact that people don’t take vacation days is just very sad.  The problem lies not with the workers but with management.  Poor management.

The corporate culture in this country has said let’s make profit at the expense of others.  There’s nothing wrong with making money, don’t get me wrong.  Again the problem isn’t the making of money.  It is how we make the money.  Is it honorable?  Or is it greedy?

Universal law says that greed follows greed.  Honor will follow honor.  The law of cause and effect states basically that what comes around goes around.  What these people of greed and dishonor will have is greed and dishonor comes back onto them in some form or fashion.  Whether they wind up divorced, broke, diseased or in jail, the universe will take care of them because the universe reflects back to them what they are putting out.  “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord”, is the basically the way the Bible puts it.

I’ve witnessed ambulances coming and going at my former place of work, as a result of people working so hard they have heart attacks at their desks, especially around Christmas (year’s end).  Daddy/Mommy isn’t going to be at Christmas this year because they had to meet some impossible year end deadline that the management set is the story told too often.

We all have to learn to become more responsible for our actions and our acts.  We have to plan better and manage better – in all areas of our lives.

I’m going out on a limb with this blog – it’s much harsher than previous blogs.  But if we are going to change – we have to change.  For if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Our behaviors are ruled by our beliefs.  Start checking what you believe and what you don’t.  And if you don’t believe that vacations aren’t right for you because you’ll have too much work at the end of it –do something about that.  Go to management.  Tell them you need help.  Designate others to do the work.
At last resort, go to human resources, your union leader, form a union, protest or find another job.

You are too important to others and your family.  Even the media with its commercials are now pleading for us to change.  Change starts with one person.  Will it be you?   Or will your kids be missing you because you were too busy working to take a vacation?  It’s “paid vacation days” – take it–for your kid’s sake if not your own!

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Love and Light Always,

Blake Cahoon

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