We are not Mind Readers

fortune tellerReal psychic and mediums are not mind-readers. Just because your TV shows and movies show this fantasy, it is not necessarily true. We tune in to your psyche — which is like your energy field and focus on what you are thinking about.

If you use a psychic line, please do the reader a favor and let us know a little about your situation — not all of it. Enough to understand what you are asking.

I just got off the phone with a psychic phone line (Keen) client who gave me 1 minute of her time. She wanted to know her career path. I saw writing children’s books. She said I was totally off and hung up.

While this is her choice, it’s frustrating to me as a reader. We are not fortune tellers or mind readers. We don’t own magic wands. This work is valuable if you let the reader actually read you and give him/her enough time to read your situation and provide you with some answers!

Come with questions and an open mind and heart for the best reading possible!

Remember readings are like onions, the more delve in and peel back your layers, more is revealed to us.  This does take some time and energy.  Allow yourself to be open minded in the process you will come away with valuable information.

Thank you for listening. May the angels bless you always!


Blake Cahoon
The Angelic Path
(502) 488-1191


If you would like a phone reading with Blake, fees are currently on sale!  $45 for 30 minutes! (normally $60) $90 for 1 hour! (normally $120).  Available day or evening; credit cards accepted!  (Yes you can go to Angel Channel Blake on Keen, but the cost is more).

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