Weekly Angel Messages – August 10-16, 2015

SailboatMonth Overview – August 2015

This week and month may be an overly busy one for you.  The Blue Moon/Full Moon energies are still at play and the world keeps attempting to realign itself for something bigger during the first week in August.

Your world situation seems chaotic at times this month, especially towards the beginning of the month; things will settled down towards the end of the month, at least in the world.  There’s a whirlwind of activity as last minute vacations are made and the children go back to school.  Make sure you allow enough downtime for yourself and your family during the busy month of August.  Be sure you don’t stray too far off the diet/exercise path.  Remember always to ask your angels for help on a daily basis.

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It’s a productive week!
Week of August 10 – 16, 2015

Monday & Tuesday – Now is the time to rev up the engines once more.  Monday and Tuesday will be active days although not as intense or busy, busy as last week.  The good news is you’ll get a lot done and feel like it was a productive two days.

Wednesday – Friday –The energy from earlier in the week continues on Wednesday, another productive day; although slightly less than Monday and Tuesday.  By Thursday, you’re slowing it down and by Friday, you’re done for the week.  Take pride in the accomplishments you managed this week.

Saturday & Sunday – Well, glad you rested on Friday (you did, didn’t you?).  Saturday and Sunday will be fun and productive days.  Congratulations yourselves with a glass of wine or delicious beverage of choice on Sunday evening.  It was a rather productive week!

Thank you!   May your week be blessed and full of light!  Remember to ask your angels for help!

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Blake is a Certified Angel Card Reader
Blake is a Certified Angel Card Reader