Weekly Angel Messages – July 13- 19, 2015 – Start Over

CherubsWeekly Angel Message July 13 – 19, 2015

This week’s New Moon couldn’t come at a better time. Just when you’re about to give up with the mixed energies of the last week, you are given a fresh opportunity to start over again. Aren’t the new moon phases great!

It’s a bit of mixed bag of ups and downs this week – short annoyances though, nothing particularly major—unless of course you’re into drama and then you can make your short annoyances into major events! Something we don’t recommend! Be easy on others and yourself and you’ll progress through the week at a smoother course.

Monday and Tuesday – Mixed energies; proceed with caution and understanding.

Wednesday – Friday – New Moon ushers in renewed energies that may be intense for some and a breath of fresh air for others. Ultimately you decide how to accept or reject these new moon energies. Good time to start fresh, new projects and make new friends. There is some expansive energies mixed in that can cause you to manifest quickly and easily! Just be clear on what you want to manifest!

Saturday & Sunday – This weekend proves to be another roller coaster of events, energies and tends to be action-oriented. Use the energies to your advantages to get the house cleaned, grocery shopping done or just have a great party. Be cautious you don’t over extend yourself though. Try and get some needed rest on Sunday – you deserve it!!

Thank you! May your week be blessed and full of light! Remember to ask your angels for help!

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