Weekly Angel Messages – July 6 – 12, 2015

Weekly Angel Messages

July 6 – 12, 2015

Illuminated Engagements
Let go and let God!

This week will feel different than last week; while the energies remain dynamic, overall it will feel less electric in its intensity.  You can breathe a bit more and relax some more.  Summer is finally here and we encourage you to move past your issues and put them on the back burner for awhile.  Why?  Because worry about them will only allow energy to be blocked that will help alleviate and solve problems, challenges and issues in your life.

We know you have issues in your life and we ask you very politely to give your burdens to us – the angels and master spirit guides so that you may be free from them.  This week will no doubt present you with a variety of issues, challenges and contrasting experiences.  Remember when you happen upon these to first stop spinning in your mind and stop complaining about the situation.  Instead, take several deep breathes and give the situation up to the Heavens.  Let us take on the situation and solve it.  You in the meantime, realize that this situation is one that allows you to recognize contrast and we ask you to put love and light into the situation, instead of darkness.  We also know it isn’t easy to let go and let God when you’re knee deep in alligators.  But we’re asking you anyways.  This week may hold various challenges for you, but instead of adding darkness to the issue, add light and love and see the situation become clear and even disappear.

Monday and Tuesday – some nuisances will grow into larger ones if you let them.  Don’t let them.  Be forewarned.

Wednesday – Friday – Have you not learned to let go and let God.  Practice makes perfect.

Saturday and Sunday – Relax you made it to the weekend.  Make sure to go easy on yourself.  Next week will be here before you know it.  Be sure to practice gratitude and appreciation this weekend.  Take a nature walk and provide yourself some breathing room.  Treat yourself to a movie, massage or a fun family outing.

Thank you!   May your week be blessed and full of light!  Remember to ask your angels for help!

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