Weekly Angel Messages – June 1 – 7 2015

Here you will find our Weekly Angel Messages.  

Every week of the month, the angels provide insights on the week ahead.  Here is our current weekly Messages from the Angels

Illuminated Engagements
The drama can stop now

Week of June 1 – June 7, 2015
Message from the Angels

Summer is here!  What is stopping you from enjoying it?  This week’s energy slows us down as we enter the summer months in the United States and everywhere above the earth’s equator, and “winter” months below the equator.  This is a time of profound change on many levels and it may feel still that you’re on a roller coaster ride.  But we are here to tell you the ride is coming to an end after this week and you are now allowed to rest and refresh your energies.

Applaud yourselves for all your steady efforts as the last few months have been full of drama for you and many that you know.  Many of you will continue to hold on to that drama but we encourage you to now let it go and give it to God – Source Energy and the Creator who will mold your fears, trepidations and restlessness into something grand.  Just ask for the energies to slow it down and bring you peace instead.

Remember to meditate on a daily basis when you can and allow the new energies of summer (winter) to take hold.  This is a time to rest and renew – so be good to yourself!  Pamper yourself!  Rest and enjoy!

Monday & Tuesday – the tense energies remain high; remember to protect yourselves from these energies and give your worries to Source.

Wednesday – Friday – you begin to relax as the energies dissipate on Wednesday and lighten considerably on Thursday and Friday.  Take in a light hearted movie, a casual dinner or another form of group entertainment, such as a play or comedy club.

Saturday & Sunday – Don’t over indulge yourselves with liquor and too much play.  Your energies will need to be sharp and relaxed for the week ahead.  Remember to be grateful for all that you have and own and give generously to those who may now have less.

Thank you!   May your week be blessed and full of light!  Remember to ask your angels for help!


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