Weekly Angel Messages – June 8 – 14 2015

Illuminated Engagements
Stay balanced and calm this week

Here you will find our Weekly Angel Messages.  

Every week of the month, the angels provide insights on the week ahead.  Here is our current weekly Messages from the Angels

Energies may be a bit high or tense this week.  Misunderstandings may occur so be cautious when you deal with people on the phone and in meetings.  Impatience is running high this week too.  Be sure you ground yourself before running out the door and allow plenty of time to get wherever you are going.

By slowing it down purposefully this week you can avoid all sorts of mishaps and accidents, arguments and misunderstandings.  Don’t worry next week is much better!

Learn to deep breathe this week and do it often.  Remember to ask the angels for help!

Monday & Tuesday – Intense energies abound.  Practice patience and caution.   Leave enough time and be aware of other’s feelings.

Wednesday – Friday – As the week crescendo’s on Wednesday, when anything that can go wrong probably will (unless you take precautions and practice mindfulness to a greater extant), you can begin to breathe easier on Thursday when life seems to calm down some.  Friday will provide even more breathing room.  Did we mention – remember deep breathes?

Saturday & Sunday – you’ll be glad these days to relax are here for you.  Even if you work, life at work will be calmer and easier.  Two good days to practice gratitude.  Spend time not money with family, friends and loved one.  Begin to plan a trip, take a nature walk and let your mind and body relax.  You earned it!!

Thank you!   May your week be blessed and full of light!  Remember to ask your angels for help!

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