Weekly Angel Messages – Sept 28 – Oct 4, 2015

Autum-Fall-BackgroundWeekly Angel Messages – Sept 2015

Monthly Overview – from the Divine Guidance Team

The month of September is upon you and it is the beginning of the change of seasons.  Indeed, the fall equinox is here this month, as well as a variety of cosmic and lunar events, all of which have been foretold by many.  Many speculate that the upcoming cosmic wave of energy, called Wave X by numerous, will bring disaster to your planet.  If profound change is a disaster, in its many forms, then perhaps you too will call these changes disasters.  We call them opportunities to reach higher as humans to evolve your souls towards something greater and within a higher vibrational frequency.

Some of you will experience restlessness, headaches, sinus problems, sleeplessness or even profound physical energy loss.  Others may use this time to pull out old projects, dust them off and look at them anew.  Others will use this energy to change their world up: quit jobs that no longer serve them, adopt new attitudes and behaviors in ways that feel and are seen by others as abrupt.  Old relations may fall away or begin anew.  New relations may fall apart quicker than normal.  Some will feel movement in their body, vision may come and go and a generally feeling of euphoria may occur.

Now all these things are not new to you – many have felt changes in the lives for many years; now they just feel more abrupt or sped up, as if time is speeding up.  And of course, on a country wide or global scale, since these entities are run by people, behaviors may changes – either more peaceful or more tragic – depending on where the leaders stand in regard to their own personal self-growth and spiritual awakening level.

We ask all that propose fear – and know better – to stop spreading fear.  This event will affect many in many different ways.  Patience, love, compassion and understanding for others as well as the self are advised.  Use this time to strength your own spiritual journey, whether that is extra meditation time, gathering for support with other friends and loved ones or to simply blog or journal your experiences so that you have a record of this time where things felt they were changing more rapidly than normal.

Most of you will be strengthen by the opportunities that now present themselves.  Others will turn away and remain stuck.  This is normal and expected and is as it always has been. No matter what, staying in a place of peace and quiet reflection without panic and fear is the best solution no matter what time of year, decade or place that you happen to be in – physically or on your spiritual path.

Every month you will feel the effects of the moon; astrological changes occur daily, monthly and within the scope of years.  Cosmic waves come and go, like comets that streak across your nightly sky.  All of these space events affect each human in a variety of different ways and methods.  Some are more sensitive, others not so much.  Ultimately it is a choice of the individual how life will affect them, whatever the method and ways that Life shows up for them.  How you act and react to all is the key to your happiness, success and joy or lack thereof.  Remember to always ask for help – we are here to love and support you always, in all ways.

the Angelic Path
Full Moon energies abound this week

September 28 – October 4, 2015

Well, the BIG Cosmic Wave is here.  Will you panic and run in fear?  Or stay centered, grounded and go about your day without fear, knowing the Higher Sources are in place to protect and love you always?  Of course, we feel the second choice might be the wiser one.

However, others might not feel the same way, so be patient with them and ignore that which does not serve you.  Instead focus on your own work and life in a positive manner.  Picture in your mind what you wish to happen in your life and concentrate on the good and peaceful path of spirituality.

Enjoy the Full Moon energies!  Remember to ask your angels for help daily and you will be fine.  You are loved and supported always, in all ways.

Monday & Tuesday – We’re still feeling the after effects of the Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.  Now is a great time for manifestations –stay positive!  Declare to the Universe you’re desires and ask the angels for help.  The energies are ripe for expressed intentions.

Wednesday – Friday – If what you wanted hasn’t occurred yet, don’t fret.  Worry only blocks the energy that allows what you desire to flow into you.  Instead concentrate on staying positive, meditate to release and to calm and allow your intentions to flow easily and effortlessly to you.

Saturday & Sunday – It’s a new month and full of bright promises.  The harvest season is in full swing and outdoor activities are emphasized – especially for those folks you have winter winds blowing their way soon.  Look for the signs from the angels this week and don’t let those whose values are not your own bother you.  Keep a clear head and allow yourself to play and relax.

Thank you!   May your week be blessed and full of light!  Remember to ask your angels for help!Angel Bear by Blake Cahoon
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Blake is a Certified Angel Card Reader
Blake is a Certified Angel Card Reader