What is Your Life Purpose?

Illuminated EngagementsSo many people want to know about their life purpose. This question is Number Two in all of the questions asked of most psychics. The first one is about their love life or lack thereof.

What is your life purpose?

The simple answer is to love yourself as much as you love others, to learn to forgive and to simply experience life to the fullest, as you treat others as you would want to be treated. That is the universal life purpose. Really—it’s that simple.

We often want however, exact answers to our questions. Yet it is the experience of life that provide those answers –and again that is part of your purpose to discover those answers by experiencing life.

So when you ask a psychic or channel, such as myself, you may be disappointed in the answer. Because the angels are here to guide you not tell you specifics. Life is a book that way –this is your story and you’re not allowed to skip ahead to find out who-dunnit. God wants you to read and participate fully in the story He’s written specifically for you. Each person’s story is unique to them.

You are given all the tools you need in order to create the life you really desire up to the point where fate/destiny or the hand of God comes in and puts you on a different course—the course you and He decided on before you were born. Even then you are given the tools to get back on course. The best set of tools you have are your emotions.
This is why you have emotions. Or at least part of the reason. When you feel happy about something—you’re moving in the direction you mapped out for yourself. When you feel bad about something, or you feel like something is off, then you have moved off your own path.

Usually, the spirit guides will provide a generic answer for questions like what is my divine life purpose? This answer will be in the realm of “To serve; to heal; to be creative; to teach…” or something like this. They may couple it with “To serve by teaching, or to heal by being creative or to serve by healing.”

But then this is hint of what you wanted to do. Yes, they know, but the fact is-–you don’t want that type of spoiler alert! You want to be able to experience the joy of discovery, of learning, of exploring and of achieving the goal of getting to your destination.

The same is true of the questions: “When will I get married? What is her/his name?” Year ranges may be given, but names will not. You will place too much emphasis on any individual with that name – and probably scare them off!!!
Life is meant to be experienced in a natural way. Not to have all the details spelled out for you. What fun is that?
So slow down—enjoy life and stop worrying about some of these details. Use your emotions as your compass to get you where you want to be and you’ll be there soon enough—in a happy, satisfied fashion with no spoiler alerts needed or wanted!

With Light and Love Always,
Blake Cahoon, PMC (Psychic/Medium & Channel)
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2 thoughts on “What is Your Life Purpose?

  1. Excellent post! It made me think of the beginning of the movie “The Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Jack’s character, after being diagnosed with cancer asked cancer patient Morgan, “Do you want to know when it (referring to death) will happen?” I paraphrase Morgan’s response, “No …”. I d have to agree!

    All the mystery and joy of living is removed when we think we know “it”. Over the years I have learned the following from helping others find their Soul’s Mission and/or Life’s Purpose: Everything we experience in our lives is absolutely critical for us to be successful in whatever it is we are to do next – everything for each next step we take!!! I just simply love this knowing and it is quite reassuring to me 🙂

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