Who Do You Call When You Need Healing?

Who do you call when you need healing?

Archangel Rafael
Archangel Rafael is one of the 4 major archangels

I am very grateful this week because my cataract surgery went excellently.  For two years I haven’t really been able to see properly out of my right eye and now I can.  I didn’t realize how bad it was until after the surgery and my eyesight was returned. 

Of course I gathered my angels around me prior to surgery and I could feel their loving embrace and healing power penetrate my body. I was very nervous and I was very grateful for Archangel Raphael as he is the angel of healing.  His name literally means “Healed by God” or “God Heals.”

Archangel Raphael is the guardian of the human body and of all that is about healing including the healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual health, as well as global earth health. He is about personal growth and transformation. He aids in healing the Earth and all its inhabitants.

According to Hebrew traditional lore, it is the Archangel Raphael who comes to heal Jacob after he wrestles with the other angel and gets injured as a result. According to angel lore, by 300 B.C.E. Archangel Raphael was firmly entrenched in Jewish mystic tradition and literature as an angel who healed.

Archangel Raphael’s color is green and so if you ask for Archangel Raphael’s help and then see a lot of green in your life–you know he’s heard your message and your prayers will be answered.

So next time you have a cold or aren’t feeling well, call upon Archangel Raphael and his helpers to help you get well quickly!

Or go into surgery or have someone else who is not feeling well.  Call upon Archangel Raphael and he and is angels will be there for you, as they were for me this week.  I feel so blessed to have all the angels in my life and I feel really blessed that Archangel Raphael and his angels were there for me now as I continue to heal.

With Light and Love,
Blake Cahoon
Angel Guide & Spiritual Translator for Divine Messages
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Blake is looking forward to driving at night again and not seeing the world through half a haze.

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