Why Keeping the Faith is Important

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What a wonderful view!
Lake Michigan, a block from my new home.
Picture by Blake Cahoon

Recently I moved—if you’ve been following this blog, you already know this.  For those who are just catching up—without the boring details—I moved 15 minutes north from Illinois to Wisconsin and a block from the Lake Michigan shoreline.  I call it my lake cottage and it’s beautiful, to say the least. The cottage is smaller than my old home was.  I got rid of my old home because the economy did a number on; like so many of us, I too got caught up in the debt net and the brief, still unemployment net.  And because I was holding on to something I no longer wanted, needed or could afford, but was too proud to let it go and move someplace smaller that was local, the universe stepped in wisely but firmly and caused chaos in my life for the last several months.  It didn’t take long to figure out that the why of the situation was to let go of my house.  But the details were like being on a roller coaster ride.  I’m not too fond of roller coaster rides—they make my stomach hurt.

Over the last several  years, I’ve used my imagination to picture myself in a smaller, cozier home surrounded by trees and nature.  In one scenario, I’m nestled among a prairie, with a Lake Michigan view.  My home is easy to maintain and is affordable.  I love my dream homes. 

This summer in the midst of chaos, I didn’t know what was going to happen or where I was going to land.  I did know that the house I built eleven years ago was no longer going to be mine.  I did know that soon I would be homeless and possibly jobless at the same time.  But I kept the faith.  Somehow it was going to be OK.

And it was.

While searching for a job in New York, I got a job in Illinois.  I accepted it.  I told my friends, I was coming home.  Someone knew of a rental home and I checked it out.  It was a combination of all my dream homes.  I snatched it up and prepared to move. Life was becoming less chaotic.  Faith had kept me afloat.

I love trees and nature, and my new cottage home has lots of old grown trees and a large back yard where I can see the lake!  I’m surrounded by wild overgrown prairie and forest, all which is protected so there’ll be no development near me.   It’s just a beautiful little place with an updated kitchen, wooden floors, wood deck and cathedral ceiling.   The cats love it, of course, exploring new outdoors places.   It’s cozy and cute and perfect for me at this time of my life.

Two months ago I didn’t know this place even existed.  I still thought I was moving to New York state to be with family.  Life to say the least was uncertain.  But I kept the faith.  I knew sort of why all the chaos was happening, but hadn’t figured out the details of where I was going.  But I kept the faith. 

When you have no idea what is going on in your life, this probably is the best action to take.  Keeping the faith, as Billy Joel sang, has its with it energy that can sustain you while the chaos settles down. I kept the faith–knowing I’d land where I was supposed to, when I was supposed to and how I was supposed to.  God and the angels promised me earlier that all would be all right and they were right (of course!).

Now two months later, I’m moved into my new lake home; I have a good paying interesting job, my two cats love their new home and all is right again with the world.  Oh, the old house still is lingering with lawyers and bank negotiations still working themselves out—but I have faith that it too will be taken care of shortly.  I have faith.

My point is—keep the faith.  As Rudyard Kipling once wrote, and I paraphrase, “When all are losing their heads around you, and if you keep yours, then truly you are a man, my son”….or something to that effect.  Essentially, I know that what he was saying is—buck up when all is chaotic—keep the faith and you’ll go far.  I know I have—by keeping the faith.  Life is good again and that is why having faith is so important.

With Light and Love Always,

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5 thoughts on “Why Keeping the Faith is Important

  1. Yes, Blake. You kept the faith with a grace few of us could manage. Well done. Your lake cottage is perfect for you. Blessings….

    1. Thank you Ginger. It hasn’t always been easy; I’ve gritted my teeth a few times and asked the heavens, “Really??”. But in the end I know see the solution that was being aimed for. And I know that keeping the faith that all will be all right and in my highest good got me through some rough patches where my stubborn human self wanted answers that the Divine wasn’t ready to provide.

  2. Congrats to you Blake! You did it! You hung in there against the odds and all logic. Kudos to you and your new space with you endlessly bless with your presence 🙂

    1. Thank you Maggie…yup…the old house is still looking for a new owner as 2 people have fallen off; but I know it will be moved forward soon. I can feel it and …I am keeping the faith (and asking for help and guidance!)

  3. Im so happy you have a home that you love! How exciting! It sounds divine! 🙂 I agree that one should always keep the faith, things always have a way of working themselves out. Congrats on your NEW home!!!!

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