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Theresa Caputo of “Long Island Medium”

As I am going forward, I noticed I’m being drawn to TV shows that reflect my own abilities. The latest is “Long Island Medium” – which is proving to be interesting once you get past the over-enthusiasm of our host medium, whose name is Theresa Caputo and who accent is as broad as the day is long. I originally hail from New York, but I’ve got more of a Manhattan accent as opposed to the very nasal Brooklyn accent.

Beside the drama she brings to the screen –after all this is a reality TV show! — her sessions with her clients are interesting. These people come in pain for they have lost a loved one and seek closure. Theresa provides that closure and provides some peace of mind by connecting the passed-over (the nice term for dead) person with the living people left behind. This is what a medium does – acts as a go-between the living and the dead.

Now mind you, we who are in the business know that we really don’t die, but simply transition to another state of being. The physical body may be left behind, but the soul continues. This is why we are capable to communicating to those who have made the transition.

We are able to ‘tune in’ to that other dimension, often with the help of spiritual guidance, and thus are able to bring forth messages to those of us still in carnal embodiment, i.e. the living. Often the messages are filtered both by our own frame of reference as well as the space-time dimensional veils.
Validation of our interpretation of images, random names, dates and even numbers come from those who knew the departed. This lets us know we’re on the right track –we’re actually in communication with those loved ones that the living seeks.

This communication is a fascinating one for me and I love it when I’m able to truly connect people and have them gain closure or at least some peace. I am grateful for my gifts and the opportunity to share them with others.

There are TV shows that give the general public a glimpse of the world that I am involved in. These shows only are able to show a snippet of this life style and please remember that they are set up for dramatic effect. “Long Island Medium” is particularly set up for dramatic effect with Theresa’s family and her own inability to practice medium discernment with others. But the emotional after effects of clients’ emotions appear to be genuine. And that is nice to see. And what any medium strives for in providing this unique and sometimes startling work.

With Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon, Co-Founder
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
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Blake has been able to talk to ghosts and spirit since she was a child. She still stays in regular touch with her mother and father this way.

2 thoughts on “Working as a Medium

  1. Hello Blake,
    I really like Theresa from The Long Island Medium too, it’s one of my favorite shows. Like you said they come in with a heavy and grieve stricken heart, and leave inspired and uplifted genuinely. I love how this show, it helps people and gives insight into this beautiful gift. So that people really understand Mediums and see that it’s just a normal, but gifted person trying to help humanity to get closure which is so important for people. To help them move on in their life and no longer feel stuck in their grief.
    That their deceased loved ones and God doesn’t want your life to stop or be unhappy because a loved one has crossed over. They want us to experience life to the fullest, with much peace and joy! I think this show sets a good example of that for sure. Our loved ones are still with us just in a different way! 🙂

    Much Love,
    Brenda S.

    1. Great insights and info, Brenda. I too like this show, although her skills are shown at maximum capability which isn’t realistic and provides false expectations from some of my clients. TV shows are heavily edited to show all the positive and none of her misses. I have a BA degree in Communication-TV/Film production, so I am familiar with how these shows are produced.

      But it is good to have these shows in order to demonstrate exactly what you were saying –it helps people realize there is indeed more out there and we don’t have to fear death and we learn that our passed loved ones are in a good place.

      Again, thank you.

      Love and Light,

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