This Year Can Be Different

New YearHow is your new year shaping up?
Are you where you want to be?
Have you set up any goals, resolutions or intentions for the new year or are you going let fate lead you along your life’s path?

Many don’t set goals or resolutions…but then they don’t have anything to guide them or aim for.

It’s alright to live your life this way if you want—just taking what comes to you and accepting what is instead of what could be.  In fact many people do; some know better, some have stopped trying to make life different and some don’t know better.

You’ve heard it before—you create your own reality.  It’s what has been preached to you for several decades now.  And so you try to change your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions.  The optimum word here is try though.  Did you really accomplish the change you are seeking?  You know you have accomplished the change when your life changes to what you are seeking.  Makes sense, right?

It may take a while—but life is a process—a journey of constant expansion and contraction—that you should attempt to learn to enjoy while you are going after that which are seeking.  Think of those young people who have accomplished all they sought at an early age.  They have accomplished what they are seeking–they already at the top of their game.  Now what?

Now it’s that much harder to maintain that top of the game level or to surpass it—which now everyone expects them to do.   Or they are criticized when they begin to slip and don’t deliver the way they originally did.  Some Olympic athletes and some movie stars are like this.  This is why child stars may act erratic when they become adults—too much is expected.  It’s much tougher delivering the entire full-blown package early in life, than it is to slowly working your way towards the delivery of that package a more moderate pace.  So enjoy the slower, more even pace of your journey.

Sometimes when we try too hard, we stumble.  Don’t give up—but take a rest.  Re-evaluate, realign and readjust your overall goals.  Find some new ways and methods to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Finding these ways and methods can be fun all by themselves.  Make it an adventure to do something new this year.  Life is supposed to be fun, not hard.Smile

Let’s start with stating not that your create your own reality –but let’s say that your reality follows your beliefs and what you put out into the world.  Just by looking at this almost cliché slightly differently—from a different perspective—can we begin to look at our world differently.  This year can be different—if you let it.

Love and Light Always,
Blake Cahoon & the Divine Guidance Team
Illuminated Engagements Centre for Whole-Being
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

If you’re looking to change up this year, why not try some new classes or a Illuminated Pathways program, especially customized to meet your goals and aspirations.  This year can be different; let us help you make it different.

2 thoughts on “This Year Can Be Different

  1. This is spot on with a recent experience of mine: Two months ago I said “YES!” to an invitation to something. I had no clue what type of circumstances I was potentially stepping into. Since then my whole world changed- everything literally looks different (even the neighbors’ yards), yet only this one thing has changed— and my whole world was altered for the better. It’s fun creating a new reality 🙂

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