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The Angelic Path

Divine Guidance for the Spiritual Soul

Are you looking for divine guidance?  Then you have found the right place!!  We provide you with inspiring, motivational and transformational messages and conversation-style readings from celestial realms of the angels and ascended angel_bear_solomasters and beyond. We help you develop your own remarkable life, living your life in a higher vibrational manner, that allows more love, joy, and happiness into your life, and leaves less drama and trauma out of your life.  

With your conversations with the Team, you can gain clarity, true healing, and angelic support.  With our channelings, we provide you with an avenue of unique insight from Divine resources,  from the Divine Guidance Team–our team of angels, ascended masters and celestial high-vibration beings.

We help you to connect with your divine sources such as the archangels and your guardian angels. We teach you how to develop your own intuitive abilities and messaging abilities.  We teach you the laws of the universe such as the law of attraction, law of cause and effect and all the other universal laws.

We aid you in discovering your own life and its varied aspects through our live channeling conversations with audience participation.  We hold regular events on-line and in-person! You will receive direct answers from the Team!

When you explore your own psyche you learn to grow, develop and expand in new ways not thought possible. You become own ascended being, joining in the ongoing ascension process and become a more fully realized human being.

We assist you in understanding the afterlife, how are lost loved ones are doing in Heaven, and how we are all soul beings, living on Planet Earth.  We help you understand how to attract the perfect mate, job, abundance and circumstances into your life and how you can live in peace, contentment and harmony.

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For over 25 years, we’ve helped people find their way, with help from our channeled messages given to us by the Higher Realms through our Divine Guidance Team, translated by spiritual channel, Blake.

  Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Master Kuthumi, Master Yeshua and our Orion Energy Beings are all part of the Divine Guidance Team that provides the divine messages through our many avenues.  We offer channeled books, videos, audios and more with loving support and guidance, as well as divine wisdom to help you with your own spiritual journey work.

We post regular original channeled messages on our Facebook page and other social media; post a variety of inspirational videos on our YouTube channel and Facebook videos, and provide informative blogs and the occasional newsletter. We provide a variety of type of spiritual conversational-style readings to people, including Akashic, Angelic/Channeled and Medium.  (Read our Testimonials here)

Our new show: Conversations with Blake and the Team can be viewed on Wednesdays @ 7 PM Mountain Time/9 PM Eastern on our FB page. Replays available on FB and YouTube.

We invite you to view our library of archived video shows:   Angelic Wisdom and The Teams Speaks.  On the Angelic Wisdom show,  we provided spiritual wisdom, weekly energy reports, and mini-readings. 

On The Team Speaks show we offer a channeling session from the Divine Guidance Team.   You’ll find whole episodes of these programs in our Video Content Library on this website. 

Learn more about our offerings and enjoy free content on our Facebook Business Page: The Angelic Path and in our Facebook Group: Angelic Awakenings.

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Many Blessings!

Blake Cahoon, Angel Intuitive and Channel
The Angelic Path
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